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What is Pass Your Math?

Pass Your Math is an online learning and practice platform for mathematics and statistics. Our practice material can be used by highschool students, college and university majors who want to stay on top of their mathematics and statistics coursework.

Personalized feedback

You receive personalised feedback on all your answer attempts, identifying what potential mistakes you made.

At your own pace

You can practice at any time, anywhere at your own pace.

Insight in learning journey

Get detailed insights in your learning journey with our analytics environment

Our digital courses

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Basic Math

For college and university students.

Ranging from numbers to differentiation & integration. Contains algebra, calculus, and more

Linear Algebra

For college and university students.

Contains vector calculus / spaces, matrices and matrix calculus, inner product spaces, and more.


For college and university students.

Contains descriptive statistics, probability theory, hypothesis, data analysis and more.

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How it works

1. Learn

Every course has both theory and practice exercises

The theory pages consist of definitions, examples, worked out solutions and interactive elements. Theory pages are followed by practice exercises. Each exercise can be done over and over again because the variables in them are randomised.

2. Practice

For every answer attempt to an exercise, we provide tailored feedback and hints.

You get our feedback regardless of your input; whether it’s a wrong answer or a correct step towards the right answer.
The software will guide you towards the correct answer, if needed step-by-step, just as your teacher would do!

3. Master

Your activities are tracked and monitored so you can get a clear overview of your progress and mastery of a subject.

All of this means that you will not have to rely on anyone else for new practice material or worked out answers. In essence, you will have a tool that will help you practice maths and stats topics that you are afraid of falling behind on in this difficult time.

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